We get it  – it can be a little scary out there in the world of the “Interwebs”. Especially where your credit card is concerned!

Don’t worry  – we’ve got your back and understand that to get started with online shopping, all you need is some clarity and guidance.

This article is for those who are not the biggest fans of going to the mall for hours. To the ones who are just tired of walking in the mall with no idea why you are there in the first place. To those who wonder why they are subjecting themselves to this modern day torture, and to those exhausted by the idea of having to activate your “gladiator mode” to get your hands on that perfect size garment (You know, the one that caught both your eye and the eye of your “shopping opponent” at the same time).

For those individuals, we have the answer. Online shopping.

We have compiled a general guideline to start you up with any type of online shopping account as well as a list of the top 5 ranking online stores to visit in South Africa today.

How to start :

Step 1: Visit the website you would like to purchase from.

Step 2: Select “create account”.

Step 3: Enter all required fields – set up a good password and save the details.

Step 4: Ensure you read all the related T&C’s.

The guidelines above are what most websites would request to create an account – some would need more information, all of which will be clearly marked with a star * next to the respective field (the * star indicates mandatory information). Creating an account also ensures you are of the very first to know of any online/offline discounts and or special offers.

You may need to activate your bank card for use as a credit card (you can do this with most debit cards by visiting your bank’s online site) or you can choose to pay via instant EFT when you shop.

Make sure your delivery address and phone number are 100% correct every time you place an order to ensure your purchase always finds you!